Where in the Bible Does It Talk About Technology?

10:14-15 is a passage from the book of Romans.

Similarly, What does Christianity say about technology?

A tool or a technology is never condemned in Scripture for being bad. Technology and instruments may be utilized for both good and evil, according to Scripture. Even though a tool is created for evil, it isn’t wicked in and of itself.

Also, it is asked, What does the Bible say about social media and technology?

3:16-17). Though technology advancements are wonderful, they also have advantages and disadvantages. As a result, 1 Corinthians 10:31 is a vital passage to apply to our usage of digital gadgets and social media: So, whatever you do, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

Secondly, Is it a sin to use technology?

Utter depravity is how the Reformed Christian tradition describes this total absorption in and staining by sin. Sin is present in every human use of technology as a result of this corruption of the human heart. When people utilize technology, there is always the risk of their abusing it for malicious intentions.

Also, What does Bible say about computers?

Because computers are a part of the creation, and God told our forefathers to rule over it (Genesis 1:28), the natural connection between humans and computers is for people to rule over computers.

People also ask, Is technology good for Christianity?

In a variety of ways, technology has benefited Christianity. For starters, it has amplified the voices of those who are proclaiming the gospel. Instead of hundreds or even thousands of people listening to a sermon, a preacher today has a potential audience of millions.

Related Questions and Answers

What scientific facts are mentioned in the Bible?

3 Scientific Facts About the Bible You Never Knew Gravity. He extends out the northern sky over empty space and suspends the world over nothing, according to Job 26:7. The Water Cycle is an important concept to understand. Job 26:8 (NIV) Despite the fact that he wraps the waters in his clouds, the clouds do not burst under their own weight. The Earth’s Core is the deepest part of the planet. 5. in Job 28.

What Jesus says about social media?

Jesus, on the other hand, calls it what it is: desire and pride. We are not expected to love or engage in these things on social media because they are not from God. The Bible, on the other hand, encourages us to focus our thoughts on things above, rather than on worldly concerns that devour the world.

What does the church say about social media?

On the other hand, Pope Francis said, “When social media is used to create divisions, feed distrust, propagate falsehoods, and express hatred, it is anti-social, anti-human, and anti-Christian” [5].

What does the Bible say about movies and TV?

The Bible never mentions explicitly what to do with movies. “Thou must not watch any R-rated film (unless thy film is named Passion of the Christ),” Moses did not bring back. Jesus never mentioned Hollywood in any of his teachings.

What is the response of the church on the disadvantages of technology?

According to a 2011 survey conducted by Tyndale University College and Seminary, 35% of church leaders believe that churches are overly focused on technology, 13.6 percent believe that there are more important things to focus on than technology, and 11.5 percent believe that technology distracts people from worship.

What does the Bible say about business?

ESV Mark 8:36 What good does it do a guy to have the entire world but lose his soul? ESV Leviticus 25:43 You are not to govern over him with ruthlessness, but rather with dread of your God. ESV Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, do it with zeal, as if you were working for the Lord rather than for mankind.

What does the Bible say about online church?

“I expect to meet you soon, and we’ll converse face to face,” says 3 John 14. – While interacting with your church family through internet live streaming may be a convenient and temporary solution, “online church” does not fulfill the Biblical objectives, functions, or mandates of assembling in person.

How can we let God direct our path?

There are five things to remember while following God’s plan for your life. 2) Trust God with all of your heart and soul a) James 4:7-8 So, submit yourself to God. 3) Spend time with God and pray. 4) Request that the Holy Spirit disclose it to you, then pay attention and obey. 5) Guard yourself from the comments of others.

What does the Bible say about human interaction?

As a result, while engaging with people (particularly those closest to you), pay attention, forgive quickly, and, above all, keep your cool. “I present to you a new commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.”

Does technology affect religion?

Religion has gone through its establishment, privilege period, popularity, secularization, and pluralism eras as a result of the advancement of communication technologies. Every advancement in communication technology has resulted in a shift in religious beliefs.

How are churches using technology?

We can use technology to help people hear the gospel. There are more opportunities to share the gospel with others because to technological advancements. We can now construct websites like Bible Reasons because to technological advancements. We may communicate our beliefs via blog postings, radio, Facebook, Twitter, TV, YouTube, and other mediums.

How can the church benefit from technology?

Technology’s Supposed Church Benefits Between church sessions, technology keeps people connected. Technology can help you raise more money. Technology allows you to save time (sending out one e-mail vs. calling 100 people). Churches may reach out to a wider audience with gospel material.

What does the Bible say about science and medicine?

“It is the ill, not the healthy, who need a doctor,” Jesus observed in Matthew 9:12. Anyone who is unwell, or a pregnant woman who need medical assistance, but rejects it, is acting in defiance of Divine Providence.

What is scientific truth in religion?

Experiments that can be repeated and always yield the same result constitute scientific fact. Absolute and relative truth — some individuals think that some things are always true, while others feel that certain things change depending on the occasion or scenario.

How does social media influence Christianity?

Church members, for example, may use Twitter to communicate biblical insights or anecdotes from their experiences inside the organization, but they can also use it to promote their Christian perspective on local, national, and worldwide issues. The use of social media is also assisting in the opening up and humanization of the church.

How social media is used to glorify God?

These questions assist me in accomplishing three goals in my endeavour to post to God’s glory: Tell it like it is. “The Lord despises lying lips, but he delights in truthful people” (Proverbs 12:22). Share to educate, inspire, and empower others. Disseminate the good news of Jesus Christ.

How social media affects the church?

Churches may use social media to communicate with their members as well as non-churchgoers. Outside of Sunday services, websites like Facebook provide a free and simple method to advertise church activities and enhance your community.

What did Pope Francis say about social media?

“The more we use social media, the less social we become,” Pope Francis said during his sermon at Pentecost liturgy in St Peter’s Square.

How do you pray for the media?

Lord Jesus Christ, you speak and bring everything that is visible and unseen into being: we thank you for the gift of the media, which allows us to reach out to the most remote corners of the globe with messages of hope and life.” We thank you for those who risk their safety and even their lives in order to expose injustice and offer good news.

Is it a sin to watch scary movies?

Christians may enjoy horror films as long as their conscience is sound and they are not led astray. While each individual should avoid immoral and harmful sorts of horror, we cannot dismiss the genre as a whole.

Is it a sin to watch inappropriate movies?

A Christian, even one who is culturally active, has every right to refuse to watch anything because of its sexual nature, particularly if doing so would be a stumbling block in his or her efforts to grow more like Christ. Sexual immorality isn’t “worse” than any other kind of wrongdoing.

What religions dont watch TV?

According to Synan, Apostolic Pentecostals are the most stringent of all the Pentecostal denominations. They do not use alcohol or smoke, as do the majority of Pentecostals. They also don’t watch TV or movies in general.

What is the relationship between religion and technology?

The greatest significant impediment to scientific progress is due to religion’s effect on culture. Religion, as Ehrlich demonstrates, has enormous influence over culture and public opinion. Religious beliefs acted as a barrier to scientific investigation as well as a motivator for technical advancements.

How does technology affect church?

During the COVID epidemic, church technology has grown more important to church service. Churches have devised strategies to provide their congregations with virtual service choices. Pastors and church leaders rapidly realized if they were technologically equipped and staffed to handle the demand.


The “last days” is a term that refers to the end of the world. The Bible does not mention technology in it, but there are other verses that talk about technology.

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