What Technology Led Editors to Substitute?


(319 p.) What technological advancements prompted editors to replace news stories with opinion commentary? The usage of the telegraph as an example.

Similarly, What is the Rose Garden strategy quizlet?

What exactly does the “Rose Garden approach” entail? the president’s communications strategy of making practically all announcements from the same spot. The FCC’s mandate for equal time. Broadcasters are not allowed to sell or provide time to political candidates while denying it to their opponents.

Also, it is asked, Why was the Fairness Doctrine rescinded quizlet?

What Was the Reason for the Revocation of the Fairness Doctrine? The FCC issued a report in 1985 claiming that the theory was harmful to the public interest and infringed on broadcasters’ First Amendment free speech rights.

Secondly, Which newspaper was the first to reduce the price of a daily copy to a penny?

The Penny Press is said to have begun in 1833, when Benjamin Day created The Sun, a newspaper in New York City. Day, who had previously worked in the printing industry, decided to launch a newspaper in order to save his company.

Also, What is the most important tool for interest groups?

What is the most significant weapon for interest groups attempting to influence election results? lobbying.

People also ask, How do pluralists counter the argument that well funded interest groups have more influence on policymaking than other interest groups quizlet?

How do pluralists respond to the claim that well-funded interest groups have greater clout in policymaking than others? They dispute that some sorts of interest organizations, particularly those with more income, have more policy clout.

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What is the watchdog role of the media?

Role. Watchdog journalists collect information on wrongdoings by powerful individuals and give it to the public so that the public may comprehend what is going on in society and prevent wrongdoings.

How are political parties organized quizlet?

At the federal, state, and municipal levels, how are political parties organized? Political parties field candidates for Congress and the president at the national level. Each political party has its own national committee, which is made up of party leaders, elected politicians, and state party chairpersons.

What does the example of the Pentagon Papers illustrates about the doctrine of prior restraint?

What does the example of the Pentagon Papers teach us about prior restraint doctrine? Prior restraint necessitates the government demonstrating that the release of material will jeopardize national security.

Does the equal time rule still exist?

The equal-time requirement does not apply if the broadcast was part of a documentary, genuine journalistic interview, planned newscast, or live news event. Political discussions that are not sponsored directly by a station or network have been designated “news events” since 1983, and hence are exempt from the regulation.

Which of the following terms is described as the collection of all forms of media that communicate information to the general public?

The term “mass media” refers to any types of media that disseminate information to the broad public, including television, print, radio, and the Internet.

Which media source is regulated by the federal government?

Concerning the FCC. In all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and US territories, the Federal Communications Commission governs interstate and international radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable communications.

Which technology helped provide greater access to printed media in the early 19th century?

The printing press, invented by Gutenberg, allowed mass media creation, which was later industrialized by Friedrich Koenig in the early 1800s. These advancements paved the way for the daily newspaper, which brought together the 19th century’s urbanized and industrialized populace.

What trend has helped accelerate the trend of less variety in national news in the past decade?

What factors have aided the ten-year trend toward reduced diversity in national news? Consolidation of news media corporations into a limited number of conglomerates.

What is penny press in journalism?

Penny Press was dubbed “government without a newspaper” or “government without a newspaper.” Journalists were not influenced by politics. The tales were now based on real-life experiences of individuals from the middle and lower classes. In comparison to rival publications, the terminology was rather easy. The telegraph was primarily used to acquire information.

What are direct techniques used by interest groups?

The four primary direct strategies employed by interest organizations include lobbying, publicizing legislative ratings, forming alliances, and providing campaign help.

What are some lobbying techniques?

While letters and personal visits are the most successful ways to lobby, phone calls may also be useful. For time-sensitive lobbying operations, phone calls are very vital. You may also call back to confirm that your letter or e-mail was received and registered.

What are the methods and tactics of managing and influencing government called?

Politics refers to the procedures and tactics used to manage and influence government.

How do you pluralize counter the argument that well funded interest groups have more influence on policymaking than other interest groups?

How do pluralists respond to the claim that well-funded interest groups have greater power over policymaking than other organizations? They claim that the system is fairly open and that almost all interests are represented.

When the relationship between a state agency and an interest group becomes very close it is referred to as?

Entrapment occurs when the connection between a governmental agency and a special interest organization grows too intimate.

What is one reason why voter participation in the United States is so low quizlet?

What factors lead to low voter participation in the United States? – The low voter participation rate in the United States is due in part to stringent registration procedures and the increased frequency of elections. Most democratic nations automatically register people, however Americans are responsible for registering to vote.

What is media as a gatekeeper?

Kurt Lewin, a social psychologist, was the first to propose the idea in 1943. Gatekeeping takes place at various levels of the media organization, from reporters choosing which sources to include in a story to editors picking which stories are printed or covered, as well as media outlet owners and advertisers.

What are watchdog groups?

An person or group who monitors the actions of another entity (such as an individual, company, non-profit organization, or government agency) on behalf of the public to ensure that that entity does not act unlawfully or unethically: Consumer watchdogs, consumer protection groups, or campaigners are all examples of consumer watchdogs.

What is media advocacy?

The strategic use of mass media to advocate public policy agendas is known as media advocacy. The purpose of media advocacy is to promote healthy public policy, which is founded in community advocacy. In a variety of ways, it differs from typical mass media techniques.

How do political parties help educate the public about major issues How do they assist in the operation of the government quizlet?

What role do political parties play in public education? They bring concerns to the notice of the public and declare candidates’ positions on these matters.

What level of the United States government carries out elections?

While federal elections are within the control of the federal government, most election legislation are made at the state level.

Which of the following occurs in a proportional representation electoral system quizlet?

In a proportional representation election system, which of the following occurs? The percentage of votes a political party receives determines how many seats they will have in a legislature.

How do the terms prior restraint gag order and demonstration permit illustrate the balance between First Amendment freedoms and restrictions on these rights?

What do the phrases prior restraint, gag order, and demonstration permit mean when it comes to the balance of First Amendment freedoms and restrictions? It gave African Americans the right to vote. Is government surveillance permissible under particular legislative actions?

What did Pentagon Papers Reveal?

The Pentagon Papers showed that the US had escalated its war by bombing Cambodia and Laos, conducting coastal assaults on North Vietnam, and launching Marine Corps strikes, none of which had been covered in the US media.

What did Pentagon Papers Reveal quizlet?

Robert McNamara, the United States’ Defense Secretary, authorized the Pentagon Papers investigation. According to the Pentagon files, four presidents in a row lied about America’s participation in Vietnam.


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