What Is Hurdle Technology?

Similarly, What is meant by hurdle technology?

Through the use of a variety of technologies and methods, hurdle technology ensures the safety of foods by eradicating or controlling the development of viruses, rendering the food safe for ingestion, and increasing its shelf life.

Also, it is asked, Where is hurdle technology is used?

Traditional hurdle technology examples include the popular fermented fish items seen in Japan. Sushi is fermented using barriers that encourage the development of good bacteria but prevent the formation of diseases. Salt and vinegar pose significant obstacles during the first stages of fermentation.

Secondly, What is hurdle technology and why it is preferred?

A mild and successful preservation method calledhurdle technology” uses a clever mix of “hurdles” to produce foods that are safe, stable, nutrient-dense, palatable, and affordable. To maintain the microbiological stability and safety of foods, these barriers might be characterized as physical or chemical factors that can be altered.

Also, What is hurdle technology PDF?

Application of certain processing procedures together in order to preserve a product is known as hurdle technology. As each obstacle that is placed causes the cells to expend energy to maintain their internal pH, osmotic pressure, and keep hazardous chemicals out, hurdle technology works by depleting bacterial cells.

People also ask, Who invented hurdle technology?


Related Questions and Answers

What is the difference between preservation technology and hurdle technology?

Utilizing individual hurdles at a reduced intensity to improve product quality is made possible by hurdle technology. In actuality, food preservation is accomplished by temporarily or permanently interfering with the normal cellular functions of the microbes that are present in food.

How hurdle technology induces metabolic exhaustion?

Metabolic fatigue It has been shown that during storage, particularly at room temperature, the spore counts in food items treated using hurdle technology actually decrease. The bacteria in the hurdle-treated stable products use all of their energy maintaining homeostasis, which exhausts them metabolically.

What could be some of the disadvantages of the hurdle technology in food preservation?

Along with its benefits, hurdle technology has certain drawbacks, including high costs, a high need for preservatives, and a significant proportion of antibacterial chemicals. Innovative methods for food processing provide hopeful answers for delivering safe food items with improved quality and shelf life.

What is hurdle effect in food microbiology?

Summary. In order to attain a higher degree of product quality, safety, and stability, hurdle technology combines a variety of gentler preservation aspects. The hurdle effect serves as an example of how preservative variables must be considered in combination while preserving food.

What is high pressure food processing?

High-pressure processing (HPP) is a “nonthermal” method of food preservation that pasteurizes food without the use of heat, rendering dangerous pathogens and vegetative spoilage germs inactive.

Which of the following hurdle techniques should be used to produce milk powder?

The majority of the time, hurdle technology combines many methods. These methods might be seen as “hurdles” that the virus must get past in order to continue functioning in the meal. Indian Dairy Products’ hurdle technology for milk products. ParameterApplication Extremely Cold Freezing and Cooling decreased water kinetics Curing and Drying Enhanced Acidity Acid addition another row

What is non thermal food processing?

Unlike thermal processing, which causes harm to the food, non-thermal processing preserves the food’s nutritional value by processing it at a temperature that is close to room temperature.

How does water activity control microbial growth in food?

The majority of foods have a water activity over 0.95, which provides enough moisture for the development of bacteria, yeasts, and mold. It is possible to decrease the available moisture to a level where the organisms’ development is inhibited.

What are the advantages of hurdle technology?

The main benefit of barrier technology is its propensity to defeat microorganisms’ capacity to evolve resistance to traditional preservation techniques because, in combination technology, various preservatives act synergistically by striking various targets inside the cell of the spoilage microorganism.

What trampoline effect is as applied to hurdle technology?

Example 5 is a nutrient- and vitamin-rich meal that may promote the development of microorganisms (also known as the booster effect or trampoline effect). As a result, the barriers in such a product must be strengthened or otherwise removed.

Which of the following can be potential hurdle in food preservations?

Different Obstacles Utilizing Water (aw) Acidity(ph) Potential Redox (Eh) Inorganic Preservatives ( Ex-nitrite, sorbate, sulfide)

What are the principles of food preservation?

To preserve food, four key criteria must be followed. air is excluded. The majority of microorganisms need oxygen to function. Elimination of moisture chemical addition. temperature regulation.

Which of the following is an advantage of food processing?

the word safety. Dietary supplements are safe. Products are treated during food processing to eliminate hazardous microorganisms and prolong self-life.

Which of the following method dehydrate microbial cells by Plasmolysis there by killing them?

Sugar has a tendency to extract moisture from microorganisms (plasmolysis). The microbial cells get dehydrated as a result of this process, which kills them.

What is stress reaction in hurdle technology?

Hurdle technology and the stress response. Because they produce stress shock proteins, certain bacteria become more virulent and resilient while under stress. Induced by heat, pH, water activity, ethanol, reactive chemicals, etc., protective stress shock protein synthesis.

What are shelf stable products?

Shelf stable” refers to foods that can be kept securely at room temperature or “on the shelf.” Jerky, country hams, canned and bottled foods, rice, pasta, wheat, sugar, spices, oils, foods processed in aseptic or retort containers, and other non-perishable goods are among these non-perishables.

What is redox potential in food?

A system on food has a redox potential, which quantifies potential differences. In redox, an electron’s loss acts as a reducing agent while its gain acts as an electron acceptor. Oxidized range potential is +mV, while reducing range potential is -mV.

Why the microorganisms present at the start in a food should not be able to overcome leap over the hurdles?

In order to prevent food from spoiling or potentially causing food poisoning, the bacteria that are already present in the food should not be able to jump over the barriers that are put in place while it is being stored.

Which two techniques are used in canning?

Pressure canning, water bath canning, and atmospheric steam canning are the three canning techniques that have been scientifically examined and approved for use in home food preservation. These techniques include heating food in airtight containers until spoilage germs are killed.

What are the different types of canning?

Steam, water, and pressure canning are the three different kinds. The jar contents are heated in various ways by each procedure in order to exterminate the little animals.

What is blanching in microbiology?

Blanching is the process of briefly scorching vegetables in steam or boiling water. It is usually followed by an immediate, complete chilling in ice or extremely cold water. Blanching halts the enzyme processes that would otherwise result in taste, color, and texture loss.


Hurdle technology is a type of technology that has a barrier or obstacle in order to prevent people from getting past it. Examples of hurdle technology are fences, walls, and gates.

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