What Is Hotel Management and Catering Technology?

A Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT) is a hospitality and travel-related undergraduate degree program. BHMCT is a four-year program that provides candidates with the intellectual and leadership abilities they need to complete the responsibilities assigned to them in the hospitality industry.

Similarly, What is the best course after Bhmct?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is undoubtedly one of India’s most popular postgraduate programs. Candidates from practically all streams of study, whether engineering, science, or the arts, may be found taking MBA courses in India since an MBA can be studied after any stream of graduation.

Also, it is asked, What does catering mean in food technology?

Catering technology is described as “the science of catering applied to the art of catering.” Catering is defined as the feeding of large groups of people and includes restaurants, hotels, work canteens, school meals, hospitals, and take-away meals such as fish and chip shops.

Secondly, Which course is best in catering?

1. Courses at Kasarani Catering College Two-year diploma in food production. 1 year certificate in food production A six-month cooking course. Two-year diploma in food and beverage management. A year-long certificate in food and beverage management. Two-year diploma in hotel management.

Also, What is difference between catering and hotel management?

A. The scope of the Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT) and Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) are almost identical. The main difference between both courses is that the BHM curriculum focuses only on hotel functions and operations, while the BHMCT program also covers catering services.

People also ask, How can I get admission in BHMCT?

Entrance tests are required for admission to the BHMCT program. NCHMCT JEE is a national-level entrance test for BHMCT admissions (National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology Joint Entrance Exam). The NCHMCT JEE, often known as the NCHM JEE, is primarily used to get admission to IHMs.

Related Questions and Answers

What are the types of catering?

Here are the four sorts of catering to think about: Catering for weddings. While we’re all acquainted with wedding catering, we can all agree that it has a significant influence on the big day. Catering for businesses. Catering for social gatherings. Catering for concessions.

What are the principles of catering management?

Planning, organizing, directing, and controlling are the four functions of management.

What is the purpose of catering?

Caterers are professionals that prepare, distribute, and display food for any occasion or gathering.

How is technology used in catering?

Not long ago, the catering industry’s technology was primarily focused on table booking software, payment systems, and scheduling software. While these may aid in the smooth operation of your organization, the next generation of technology on the horizon can help firms leverage innovation and progress.

What is the importance of catering?

It helps you save both time and money. Most individuals believe that catering services are expensive. This is a widespread fallacy based on the fact that you don’t realize how much work caterers perform until you employ them. It’s not simply about catering your event’s meals.

How many years is a catering course?

Candidates may enroll in undergraduate (UG) or postgraduate (PG) catering programs. Aspirants may also study diploma and certificate courses in the area of catering in addition to these degree programs. Catering studies at the undergraduate level usually last three years.

What are the qualifications for catering?

There are no precise schooling requirements for becoming a caterer, however culinary school or other catering training may be beneficial. Working as a waiter or in any food service position, such as host, busser, or bartender, may also be beneficial.

What subjects are needed for catering?

Catering Topics Fundamentals of Tourism and Travel. Operation of Accommodation Management of Housekeeping. Hotel Regulations Accounts for hospitality. Hotel Engineering and Maintenance. Management of Human Resources. Food safety and nutrition

Does HRM board exam?

There is no board exam for the BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Graduates who want to work in government agencies may take the Civil Service Examination (CSE) administered by the Philippine Civil Service Commission (PCSC).

What are the types of hotel management?

Property Supervisor. A property manager is in charge of a hotel’s day-to-day operations and reports to the area manager or regional manager on the hotel’s financial performance. Manager of Sales. Manager of Food and Beverage. Front-desk supervisor. Manager of Operations. Manager of Housekeeping. Banquet Director.

How much is the salary of Hospitality Management?

An annual average pay of $46,580 is earned by persons with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management and one year or less on-the-job experience. The average yearly income for those with one to four years of experience is about $47,963.

What is the salary of Bhmct?

2–5 lakhs INR

Which is better BCA or Bhmct?

BCA is an excellent choice if you are proficient at programming. Both are fundamentally distinct tracks; BCA is concerned with computers, whereas BHM is concerned with management. BCA is an excellent choice if you are proficient at programming. Both are fundamentally distinct tracks; BCA is concerned with computers, whereas BHM is concerned with management.

Which course is better BHM or Bhmct?

As a result, the scope of Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) and Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT) is almost identical. However, BHMCT’s purview has a greater preference and reach than BHM.

What is hotel and catering industry?

Hotels and rest homes for staying and restaurants for meals make up the hotel and catering business. This business is quickly developing, not only because of international visitors, but also because of increased domestic tourism.

What’s another word for catering?

You’ll find 38 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic phrases, and related terms for catering on this page, including providing, supplying, favoring, hospitality, cosseting, accommodation, accomodation, plying, yielding, babying, and pampering.

What is main course in hotel?

In a dinner with many courses, the main course is the highlighted or prominent dish. It generally comes after the entrée. It’s possible that it’s referred to as “entree” in the United States. On most menus, the main dish is the heaviest, heartiest, and most complicated or substantial item.

Is catering part of hospitality?

Hospitality industries The industry of commercial and catering services. The commercial sector encompasses those areas of the business where the primary goal is to sell food and drink and/or provide lodging.

What is the difference between food service and catering?

The primary distinction is how each sort of company was established. Caterers are simply providing an additional service outside of their restaurant. Catering services were created from the bottom up to deliver the best full-service catering experience possible.

Is catering a good business?

One such option is catering. Despite economic fluctuations, the hotel sector has demonstrated remarkable resilience and has grown significantly in recent years. Catering hours, like many other hospitality jobs, may be long and exhausting, but the benefits are well worth the effort.

What are the 6 functions of management?

Forecasting, planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and managing are the six responsibilities of management, according to Henri Fayol (1841–1925). He was a key figure in the development of contemporary management philosophies.

What are the 6 functions of management for any catering operations?


Why catering is important in hospitality industry?

Catering facilities are seen as a way to grow income and create jobs in many nations, particularly when conventional activities are declining. It is projected to greatly boost GDP while also creating employment in the tourist industry.

What are the advantages of technology in hospitality industry?

Technology may also improve operational efficiency and help hotel management save money by reducing the need for pricey human labor. It would also enhance customer service by promoting easy employee involvement and communication.


The “bachelor of hotel management and catering technology scope” is a type of degree that’s designed to teach students how to manage and cater different types of hotels. The degree is typically done over 4 years, but can be done in 3 years if the student works full time.

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