What Can Be Described as a Technology That Uses Highfrequency Sound Waves to Create Images?

Ultrasound imaging (sonography) is a technique for seeing the interior of the body using high-frequency sound waves.


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The “which do sound waves travel fastest through? solids gases mixtures liquids” is a question that I am going to answer. Sound waves are the vibrations of air molecules and can be created with an instrument or by natural sources such as thunder, earthquakes, and volcanoes. They can also be used for various purposes including communication and entertainment.

  • what do ultrasounds use? radio waves ultraviolet waves light waves sound waves
  • which statement best describes echolocation in dolphins?
  • which best describes the way a sound wave is sent through the radio?
  • as the temperature of a medium increases, the speed of the sound waves
  • which best describes the process by which ultrasounds images are made?
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