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What’s New in Chrome 74, Arriving April 23

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Google Chrome

The stable version of Chrome 74 is set to land on April 23rd. It will include a dark mode on Windows, Incognito detection blocking, support for media keys in PiP, various Chrome OS improvements, and a lot more.

It’s worth noting that while these are all planned features in Chrome 74, there’s always the chance they don’t end up making it into the final release and get pushed to 75 (or beyond). Still, we do expect to see at least most of this stuff in 74, even if still behind a flag.

Dark Mode for Windows

Google Chrome Dark Mode on Windows

Chrome 73 was a huge release and included a dark mode for Mac. With Chrome 74, it will officially be available for Windows. What’s even cooler is that Chrome will follow system settings—if you have dark mode enabled in Windows, Chrome will respect that. The same goes for light mode.

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Incognito Detection Blocking

Some websites use a trick to detect when a user is viewing using Incognito Mode for improved tracking and advertising. Starting in Chrome 74, it will be impossible for sites to detect Incognito Mode, so you can truly browse in peace. It’s also worth noting that this feature may not be available in the main system settings initially, but it should be available behind a flag. It will likely move beyond the flag and be available to everyone in Chrome 75.

Media Key Support for PiP Video

In Chrome 70, Google enabled support for PiP (Picture-in-Picture) video, allowing users to pop videos out of their tab and float on top of other things. In Chrome 74, these PiP windows will be getting additional functionality with support for keyboard media player controls.

The word on the street is that PiP windows should also be getting a mute button at some point, though it’s unclear whether that will be in Chrome 74 or beyond.

Motion Reduction

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