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The Best Women’s Electric Razors

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An electric razor is one of the most popular ways to remove body hair. It’s not a perfect method (none of them are) but with the right razor, you’ll be happy with the results. Here’s our pick of the best women’s electric razors out there.

Everyone’s needs and skin are different. We’ve checked out razors focused on helping those with sensitive skin, as well as for those times when you need to trim facial hair carefully. No electric razor can provide as close a shave as a manual razor, depilatory cream, or wax solution but it’s one of the safest methods. You don’t have to worry about cuts or burns through inappropriate use. Many also work just as well when dry shaving as wet shaving so there’s no messiness to contend with either.

Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered with the best women’s electric razors out there.

Best Overall: Panasonic Cordless All-In-One Advanced Wet & Dry Electric Shaver ($50)

Panasonic Cordless All-In-One Advanced Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

The Panasonic Cordless All-In-One Advanced Wet & Dry Electric Shaver is good for every situation in life. It’s fully immersible so you can take it in the bath with you as well as the shower, and you can always opt to use it completely dry with minimal issues for your skin.

Its rechargeable battery takes about an hour to charge but when you’re in a rush, you can simply charge it up for 5 minutes and it’ll be good to go for one shave.

The razor uses four, ultra-sharp blades for as close a cut as you’re going to achieve with an electric device, with hypo-allergenic foils that are gentle on sensitive skin. The design of the shaver means it’s ideal for tackling your legs, underarm, or bikini areas without contorting at awkward angles.

Best Value: Panasonic Electric Shaver ($15)

Panasonic Electric Shaver

If you’re on a tight budget, the Panasonic Electric Shaver will still serve you well. This time around there are only three blades but it will still serve you well in most cases. That’s thanks to its flexible heads which do a decent job of shaving your legs, arms, and bikini areas reasonably closely. There’s a pop-up trimmer too which is good for when you just need to maintain a few key areas of your body.

Don’t expect to fully immerse this one in water, but you can still use it in the shower without a problem. The rechargeable battery is slower too, taking 12 hours to charge fully, but it’ll last as long as the more expensive Panasonic with 20 minutes of use.

In an ideal world, we’d still recommend the more expensive Panasonic, but if you need to spend wisely, this one should still get the job done.

Best For Sensitive Skin: Remington Smooth & Silk Electric Shaver ($40)

Remington Smooth & Silk Electric Shaver

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