Best Gaming Mouse Pad Review

SteelSeries QCK+ Best Gaming Mouse Pad Dota2 Edition Review

For most gamers and desktop users, a big mouse pad is essential for greater control and accuracy, while reducing the sensitivity significantly. This is exactly what the QCK+ Dota2 Edition mouse pad is all about! Initially, you might find it to be a little too big but when you use, it proves to be quite smart enough to keep hand fatigue at bay as well as improve focus while playing games.

For a high-sensitivity player, it is not comfortable to slide off the pad while moving quickly. This is also something that compromises accuracy. However, with this giant pad, there is no risk of running off the pad while competing with first person shooters. You can go for the whole 360-degree rotation without falling off the pad. This over sized pad enables you to reduce sensitivity while boosting control as well as accuracy.

This pad from SteelSeries offers a consistent as well as smooth glide surface for fast moving players. The pad is seriously designed to accomplish accuracy as well as precision for both laser and optical technology.

Features of Best Gaming Mouse Pad

Construction and Design

SteelSeries QCK+ is DOTA2 super-sized pad designed for DOTA gamers expecting superior quality. It has the official red and black game logo to make a unique appeal to these gamers. This is genuinely an eye catching addition to the overall design. The size is large, roughly the area of four pads of normal size.

The quality of design is high and it sticks onto the desk as if it is pasted. The surface is well made, upon which almost any mouse glides like butter over it. Yes! It is compatible with any mouse for optimal accomplishments without compromising accuracy or precision.

Friction is low on palms. The pad is significantly thin, which means you cannot use it to hide potholes on your desk.

Anti-sliding Effect

The base is of rubber and is resistant to moving or slippage during use. This means you will experience no more sliding of pad. You can expect perfect grip on any desk surface. The rubber bottom also adds to more comfort for your all wrist and hand movements.

Quality Cloth Surface

The cloth surface adds to the consistently smooth glide surface. This material gives a nice texture, due to which it gives you a hint of lasting for a while as well as a boosted level of resistance for more accuracy. The cloth surface also adds up precision and smoothness. It also facilitates great tracking of mouse without any issue or hassle.

Tested by Pros

This pad has undergone rigorous testing by professional players. This makes this pad more reliable for gamers wishing for optimal mouse functionality.


Even after heavy use since a year, the pad shows only light signs of wear.


  • Large for FPS gamer
  • Non-slippery base
  • High quality cloth surface
  • Smooth surface
  • Highly comfortable
  • Good friction
  • Very stable on table
  • Steady performance
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with both laser and optical mice
  • Durable
  • Soft but washable
  • Affordable


  • More drying time
  • Not thick
  • Not for small desk usage
  • More desk space


Consider this pad if you are an energetic player and wish stability while using the mouse at an affordable price.

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